Strange interference sound on the lower end of the AM dial

Posted on 18 April 2013

WIth all the noise that interferes with AM, I’ve never heard any interference quite like this.

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  • 1L6E6VHF says:

    Never heard this? How long since you listened to AM?

    This sounds like a switching power supply, common in consumer products made since about 1985. This could be ant cell phone charger, computer printer, video game, perhaps your radio ITSELF!.

    The only cure is to get a battery-powered radio and take it outside.

  • nochristnotruth says:

    also are u in an apartment or multi unit type housing? See if any community lighting has been installed on a timer or if they installed those horrible fluorescents or mercury(?) at least that is what I THINK it is. Again, I have same issue it is still ongoing unresolved. Unfortunately I share pwr panel with 10 other tenants & do not wish to nose around for meet n greets. If u ID noise issue plz post here to help others! (me..)

  • nochristnotruth says:

    I hope someone else comes in w/ID on it. I get it and it’s extremely annoying. I get it wideband, and wipes out SW especially on lower bands including MW so no VLF dxing for me either. I do believe it’s actually fluorescent lamps on a TIMER ungrounded. You will have a difficult time locating them via RDF as they spread all over and xtremely annoying and loud.

  • willard says:

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