Is there anyway for Apple Computers to donate a few laptops to a public school?

Posted on 19 February 2009

I am a student at Twin Lakes Middle in Duval County in Jacksonville, Florida. I have technology as an elective and the only video and audio editing software we have are old Windows computers. So, I wanted to know if anyone would want to donate Apple Laptops to our school? Or how to get Apple to donate to my school.

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  • butchell says:

    email Apple, Bill Gates just donated another 340 million dollars to help fund disease research, surely he can spare a few thousand on some puters

  • google answers! says:

    Email Steve Jobs of Apple. He’s the CEO there.

    He might just send your school some apple pc units.

  • mailunwanted says:

    let’s look at this from a marketing point of view. why would ANYONE give out stuff for free?
    1. pure charity – cuz they care about you. this doesn’t happen a lot, but u do hear about them.
    2. public image – rich people do this a lot. it makes them look good among their rich friends, plus it’s always nice to be appreciated by a whole lot of people.
    3. tax write off – this is usually why people donate stuff; combined with reason #2…

    Although it’s worth a try, writing to Steve Jobs isn’t likely going to get you the donation you want. Especially if you are only looking for a couple dozen computers. Imagine Jobs saying, “I gave some high school $20,000 worth of computers last week” and Gates saying “I gave xxx million dollars to xxx research…”
    You can try convincing your school to get a public funding for new equipments, or work out a deal with Apple to replace all of the computers in your school with Apple products. Be sure to let them know what your school can do in return. (ie. publicity, advertising, more apple users, ect…)
    Also, if one of your friends’ got a rich uncle who doesn’t mind being praised on the local news paper….

  • turlak1 says:

    Why not work with what you have?

    90% of editing should be done with simple cuts or crossfades. By sticking with the basics you minimize the amount of rendering that needs to be done and you distract the audience less by not having special transitions and effects.

    Don’t forget, you want the audience to become so engaged by the story you as the editor/director/camera operator are telling that they forget they are watching tv. If you have basic editing software, use it to it’s fullest to get your story across. Remember, it only takes a camera and the internet to reach the world, and a good story to change it!

    Michael Jordan wasn’t the greatest basketball player of all times because he had the best shoes. He had the fundementals, athletic ability and drive to be the best. You don’t need a full on avid to be the best storyteller in the world. You need to know the fundementals of a good story, and the drive to see that story get told.


  • Pedro says:

    golden@matic.dined” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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