Digicam Review – Sony DSC-T77 vs Canon Ixus 100IS

Posted on 31 October 2010

2009-10-18 : I bought a brand new Canon Ixus 100IS camera which was in the similar point-and-shoot range as my previous Sony DSC-T77 slim camera. I wanted to share with average consumers the difference between both cameras, highlight their cool features and a simple comparison. Please rate, comment and subscribe. Check out more details on my written blog:- bit.ly

25 responses to Digicam Review – Sony DSC-T77 vs Canon Ixus 100IS

  • 145223 says:

    @winniekepala thank you every much

  • winniekepala says:

    @145223 Go to “Program” mode (middle setting between “Auto” and “Video” mode. Select “Func. Set.” button (middle of Directional pad), scroll down to the 3rd selection which will show “My Colours Off”, scroll right to “BW” or “B/W” which is the Black & White mode.

    Good luck.

  • 145223 says:

    @winniekepala could you explain to me how to make it B&W. because i cant find it

  • winniekepala says:

    @145223 I don’t think it can record video in B&W. But it does pictures in B&W, of course.

  • winniekepala says:

    @DiscoCoala No. I recorded this on my other digital camcorder. But I compressed the video to make uploading easier and faster. I don’t have great internet connection here…

  • 145223 says:

    can the sony camera take black and white??????

  • DiscoCoala says:

    @winniekepala are you recording this video with webcam

  • sashkho202 says:

    Hi there…I’ve recently bought Sony DSC W380 and I must say that I’m disappointed with the photo quality…it takes very poor quality images.After uploading the images from 4 GB SDHC memory card to the computer I’ve noticed that in the low light conditions or even when there is enough light pictures are in a way without sharpness (kind of rough when zooming the photo) and overall quality is very poor.Also when shooting outdoors pictures tend to be to bright…

  • sashkho202 says:

    I’m very disappointed with this Sony model and thinking of returning it.
    I know it will sound hard to believe but my Canon A510 ( I’ve taken about 1000 images with it) takes images that look much more decent quality both indoors & outdoors than this Sony model.
    Even before I bough this model I’ve been thinking should I to go with Canon again or Sony this time and as I can see now I’ve made a mistake buying this Sony camera.

  • sashkho202 says:

    Any suggestions or advice…I’m probably going to return it and get Canon IXUS 100,120 or 130 IS…should I?

  • winniekepala says:

    @medads1 Thanks for your comments and viewing my review vid.

    Ooppss…. I know about the two fingers thing in England. It must’ve slipped my mind when I made this video. Sorry for those offended. Didn’t mean it.

  • medads1 says:

    Liked the review Ive just bought the cannon ixus 100is, I have not printed any photos yet but it seems to do the job when viewed on my laptop. I would like to say when counting with your fingers, please be careful which way your two fingers are turned. In your video it is classed as swearing in England. I know it is trivial but some people might be offended. Keep up the good work.

  • Maio0oia says:

    I really love your video..I was going to buy the Canon PS A480 but you made me reconsider my decision. I like the Ixus 100 ..I just wanna make sure that the image quality is good. Is it? I’ve read many reviews on the Internet and unfortunately they say that it’s not very good concerning the IQ. What do you think Winniekepala?

  • rustydevilll says:

    @mudd619 she ovbiously isn’t chinese is she says the currency is ringgit that makes her


  • babyashley25 says:

    @winniekepala about cemara not about their pronounce words,i think u got wrong topic..

  • RosanneThe says:

    nice..it help a lot..

  • winniekepala says:

    Thanks for the comment and view.

  • billmats7 says:

    you really got it… keep doing what you do… :)

  • claudiotyper says:

    thank you for the contest

  • cuv77 says:

    They truly aren’t equal. It would have been more fair if she she confronted the Sony DSC-T90 vs the IXUS 100is

  • winniekepala says:

    You’re welcome! Thanks for the view.

  • theCHICKENnuggetful says:

    thank you luv, big help!

  • mudd619 says:

    Yeah And why cant you speak Chinese. She’s doing well.


  • winniekepala says:

    Wide-angle” is useful when you want to do panoramic / cinema styled wide screen pictures.

  • winniekepala says:

    I tried replying several times but guess YouTube is a little buggy lately,

    You should check out the link in my description sidebar to find the links to full technical reviews on CNet Asia. They will answer your questions.

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